Illness in America Claims

Illness in America Claims

We deal with all compensation claims for holiday illness in the USA on a no win, no fee basis.

The media is full of stories of court cases in America that result in a multi-million dollar settlements and it’s regularly assumed that any illness or sickness you encounter in America will give rise to a case against someone, somewhere.

We know the reality is somewhat different.

Whilst it’s true that some USA compensation claims can be much higher than a similar UK case, these instances are rare. Less serious cases can be far from user-friendly and many American states are clamping down on levels of damages, with caps on awards or thresholds.

Holiday illness claims in America

Nobody expects to get ill on holiday, but if you’ve suffered an illness or sickness that was caused by poor hygiene or limited care and attention by the holiday operator, we can help you with making a claim for compensation.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been staying, it’s up to your tour operator to ensure your health and safety is never put at risk. Illnesses such as food poisoning can be caused by poor hygiene, undercooked food or bad water supplies in a resort and if you experience any illness it can ruin your holiday.

No win, no fee solicitors

Our holiday illness solicitors can help you receive the compensation you are entitled to, even if you feel you may have been partly to blame.

Making a claim for holiday illness

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