Group Action Illness Claims

Group Action Illness Claims

If you’ve been on holiday with your family or a group of people and you all suffered as a result of food poisoning or sickness caused by poor hygiene, call us to discuss how to make a group action claim for compensation. 

We have an excellent track record in recovering compensation for victims of group action holiday illness claims and we deal with all compensation claims on a no win, no fee basis.

Group Action Holiday Claims

All too often we read press articles on mass illness or sickness at hotels or on cruise ships. As tourism grows it seems this problem arises again and again. When you are the victim of such an outbreak, unity and co-ordination with your fellow victims is the key to making a successful claim for damages.

Expert Advice

The cause of a mass illness or sickness outbreak is often obscure at first and, regrettably, some holiday company representatives will raise a smoke screen by denying there is a serious problem. Some will even refer to an ‘airborne virus’ brought in by a different tourist group.

The individual tourist often doesn’t have the experience or resources to challenge this and it’s only by taking expert advice from experienced solicitors who can take legal action to produce the right microbiological and other evidence that liability can be established. We have the knowledge to be able to deal with the unique challenges these types of cases present.

Long term illnesses

Although this type of illness is usually short-lived, some consequences of illness outbreaks can be more serious. A small number of individuals can go on to develop long term Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other complications. Some pathogens can produce a more serious illness in all victims such as where there is an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease.

Making an claim
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