Cruise Line Illness Claim

Cruise Line Illness Claim

If you’ve suffered from an illness caused by food poisoning or poor hygiene whilst on board a cruise ship, you can call one of our specialist solicitors free to discuss how to make a claim for compensation.

Every year tens of thousands of UK holidaymakers choose to take a cruise line holiday and, with numbers ever increasing, this growth means a demand for specialist legal advice in illness compensation claims.

We have an excellent track record in recovering compensation for victims of cruise ship illness and we deal with all compensation claims on a no win, no fee basis – ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

Cruise ship holiday claims

Many cruise ship holidays bought in the UK will be covered by the Package Travel Regulations 1992, which regulates the liability of the holiday organiser for any illness or virus outbreak caused by poor hygiene on a cruise ship. This is an important set of rights for the holidaymaker but the courts have allowed cruise lines to qualify their obligations with reference to International Conventions.

The Athens Convention

Much of the cruise line industry operates in international waters and within the jurisdiction of several countries whilst on a voyage. The international Athens Convention covers many countries (including the UK) and deals with compensation claims brought by cruise ship passengers. In most cases the fault or negligence must be proved by the passenger against the carrier but for some types of accident the burden of proof is moved to the cruise line operator.

Expert advice

There are many differences in cruise line holiday compensation claims that require a specialist legal approach. Cases are often complex and time limits for taking action can be surprisingly short – especially in actions against USA based carriers. Plus many UK tourists now buy online, booking directly with foreign cruise lines without fully understanding the consequences of the contract terms if things go wrong.

Our expert team of personal injury solicitors have dealt with many cases involving illness claims, such as a recent outbreak of food poisoning on a US cruise line.

Making an cruise ship accident claim

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