Health, safety and environment

Health, safety and environment

Health, safety and environmental issues are of paramount importance to the success of any business. High financial penalties and serious damage to corporate reputation can follow convictions.  A proactive approach to health and safety and environmental management must be adopted to secure the success of your business.

Our team of solicitors specialise in all aspects of workplace safety and environmental compliance, enforcement and litigation.  We will provide commercial, straightforward and practical advice to help you minimise risk relating to health, safety and environment issues arising within your business. We can help you manage every aspect of workplace safety including incident response, regulator investigations and prosecutions, compliance advice and training. Most importantly we will help you stay in control following a serious workplace incident.

We advise companies, their directors and senior managers facing investigation and/ or prosecution for breaches of health and safety and environmental laws.  As we are contactable 24 hours a day via our RAIDS service, you can be confident that our experts are always on hand to provide the guidance and support you and your business need.

Specialists in handling investigations and prosecutions brought by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Environment Agency (EA) local authorities and the police, our Health, Safety and Environment team work closely with you to secure the best possible outcome for your business following a workplace accident.

Our expert team can help you with: 

  • crisis management/ emergency incident response
  • internal investigations
  • investigations by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Environment Agency (EA), local authorities or Police
  • Coroners' Inquests
  • interviews under caution/PACE interviews
  • regulators’ enforcement notices 
  • Magistrates' Court and Crown Court proceedings
  • environmental civil sanctions
  • appeals against conviction/appeals against sentence
  • legal compliance audits
  • risk assessments
  • environmental/ health and safety due diligence
  • environmental/ health and safety risk management in corporate, property and banking transactions
  • environmental/ health and safety compliance
  • staff training   

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