While different studies produce different results, a recent cabinet report estimated the cost of cybercrime on the UK economy as being £27bn per year.


The growth of the internet has impacted profoundly on everyday life and the global economy.

Although providing opportunities, the internet also poses new and growing threats. As the internet is borderless and nobody polices it, legitimate users of the internet are vulnerable to attack.

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 The growth of use of the internet has led to unprecedented levels of computer related crime with cyber crime now acknowledged as not only a national issue but an international issue.  The UK government has recently ranked cybercrime as the foremost threat to national security and it is stated that sponsored attacks to the UK could threaten the UK socio / political infrastructure.

Cybercrimes are wide ranging

Cybercrimes are wide ranging from ‘malware' and 'phishing' applications used to record key strokes or obtain passwords and bank details, to other forms of hacking for the purposes of corporate espionage.

We have one of the leading computer and internet crime teams in the country and this, coupled with our specialist forensic expertise and in-house IT team, has led to national recognition as leaders in the field of cybercrime.  Our team includes experts in the area of cybercrime and we are at the forefront of this growing area of law.

Our team help organisations in tracing and dealing with all forms of computer misuse.  We can image and examine all forms of hardware to uncover evidence and are able to advise on exactly what steps should be taken throughout an investigation into computer related misconduct.

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The team also assists those being investigated for alleged computer related offences from Computer Misuse Act offences, Fraud Act offences to allegations of breach of copyright and 'cloning' investigations.

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