HR Protect

HR Protect

HR Protect: Employment Advice, Support & Insurance Cover for Tribunals

HR Protect is a new type of employment advice and support service provided by the Employment team at Pannone. Uniquely, HR Protect includes insurance cover, which protects you against tribunal costs and compensation in any event.

  • access to a dedicated team of solicitors
  • ongoing access to employment law advice
  • employment documentation
  • in-house training
  • tribunal insurance cover
  • tribunal compensation cover
  • flexible payment plans.

Under traditional policies, the employer only reaps the benefit of the insurance cover if legal advice is taken and followed. Often, this means that an extremely cautious approach must be adopted or the insurance cover is lost. 

HR Plus is different for one key reason

We recognise that sometimes you need to take a commercially driven rather than a legally driven HR decision in order to do what’s right for the business.  HR Plus allows Pannone’s specialist employment solicitors to give you commercial and decisive advice but still offer insurance cover.

Why choose Pannone?

We recognise that in order to give you the best advice, your lawyers need to understand your business; you do not want to speak to a different lawyer every time you have an issue. Every HR Plus client is allocated a dedicated team of employment specialists. Your team will be made up of at least one partner (who will have at least 10 years’ experience) and usually two assistants (with varying levels of experience) meaning that your legal team are both familiar with your business and have the appropriate level of experience to deal any particular issue.  Crucially, every member of your dedicated HR Plus team will be a qualified solicitor; there are no unqualified consultants, paralegals or telephonists reading from pre-set scripts.

What is HR Protect?

HR Protect gives you:

  • market-leading insurance cover against tribunal costs and compensation
  • a free review/update of your employment documentation (contracts, handbooks, procedures and policies) to ensure that they are legally compliant and that they protect you as far as is possible
  • ongoing access to employment law advice from a dedicated team of employment lawyers in return for a fixed fee. That fee is based on your expected legal requirements for a 12 month period, with payment by monthly or quarterly instalments
  • discounted rates for in-house training
  • free regular employment law updates
  • free regular seminars.

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